Thursday, March 23, 2017

Piggypals Candle Lighting

Here is a pigture of our candle before lighting, Mummy didn't trust us with a lit candle I don't know why...

Rodney refused to be in the pigture so it's just me.

This year our candle is in memory of Hubert who was helped across the rainbow bridge on New Years Day.

Our candle was lit in the south east corner of England.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Candlelighting in Mexico

Hello readers, Niamh Piggyfriend here.

You will have seen the photos of me lighting our candle on 9th. March. Our Slave was on holiday in Mexico and could not post her candle photo but she is home now and I can share it with you.
As none of us were able to be with her, she was helped by a coati from the hotel gift shop and a piggy ( real piggy not guinea ) who was made from a coconut shell at a Mayan craft shop in Xcaret. There were many coatis living in the hotel grounds so she brought one home as a memento. I am extremely envious of their very long tails.

I think they made excellent substitutes don't you?

If you took a photo of your candle lighting, why not share it with us? The GPDD readers are sending their photos to Audrey and we will all be able to see them soon. If you would like to send one to us, follow the guidelines on the Contribute button at the top of our page. It is really easy and we would love to hear from you.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Hello readers. This is Niamh Piggyfriend reporting. Our Slave is away on holiday so our pigsitter, her son, Sean, helped with our candlelighting ceremony this year and he took these photos of yours truly.

Here you can see me with the candle that Slave left for me to light. Actually she asked Sean to help me in case I set fire to my whiskers. Slave also lit a candle in Mexico in her own time zone but we must wait for her to get home as she has no way of getting her photo off her camera until then. We will post that one later on.

We hope that you all joined in our ceremony to remember dear absent friends.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

9 march Peter Gurney memorial: light your candle at 8PM (in your timezone)

For some of you it is already past 8 in the evening, but here's a reminder to light your candle at 20:00 ( in your time zone) to remember Peter Gurney and your beloved late guinea pigs or other loved ones. Ralphy wrote this on 8 March,  but be sure to light your candle on today (the 9th)!

'Ralphy Lauren, the GP, here to remind everyone that March 9th is
almost here!  In fact, in some places it might already be here!  So
get those candles ready and be sure to light a candle or candles on
March 9th, at or around 8:00 pm, in your time zone.  This is our 12th
Memorial honoring all of our friends, both 2- and 4- footed who are at
the Rainbow Bridge looking after us, to let them know that we are
honoring them on this special day (which was Peter Gurney's Birthday)
by lighting our candles.  As candles are lit in each time zone, the
light will move around the world for all to see.

This is my third PG Memorial (I am 2)! Afterwards, just send a post
with your location to the GPDD or to  Either one
is fine, and we will keep a listing and post all the locations where
our candles were lit.  Also, if you could take a photo of your candle,
or of you with your candle, or with your slave, we will include that
too.  Last year my friend Audrey took a photo of me with my candle and
it was put on the GPDD webpage!  My Mama Rickie was so proud!

So be part of this great tradition and tell others to light a candle
too, but get their location!

Sincerely, Ralphy Lauren (the GP)'

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Piggy A-Z. E is for Endive

We have to confess that we, the Piggyfriends, have never been given this vegetable but it was suggested by our fellow bloggers so here is a photo of it courtesy of the Guinygirlz and Berke ( whose name should have an accent but we haven't got one on our laptop ).

Who's that little one?

We thought that it looked a bit like frisee lettuce, which we sometimes have so the Guinygirlz have tried  to describe what the difference is. They say that frisee is a lot more crunchy (like lettuce should be) and Endive leaves are bigger (about 20 cm long) getting smaller in the middle of the Endive. Frisee is frilly all over, Endive is just frilly at the end (green part) of the leaves.
We Googled Endive and some of the images shown were of chicory ( which we love ) so we were confused.

The Guinygirlz and Berke like Endive, though it can be a bit bitter, so there definitely is a link with chicory somewhere. They get their humans to rinse the sand off the leaves, the sand being mostly in between the outer leaves.

Their humans eat it too, mostly in summer, in a mash (of potatoes) with raw Endive because if you cook it it becomes really bitter. In their quest to find the difference, the Guinygirlz found on a dutch website that Frisee is just curly Endive, making us all more confused...

If any of you readers like Endive do post in our comments section and let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Popcorning Rodney

Mummy had just put us back into our home after cleaning it and Rodney was popcorning like mad, taking a quick break from emptying the rubbish and getting our food Mummy got the camera out to film him and...he stopped. Mummy sat there waiting for ages and after a little while he did popcorn a little bit but not as much as before here is what Mummy actually managed to video.

VID_20170128_165726119 from M Fug on Vimeo.