Friday, December 9, 2016

Agent Barbie has Bladder Sludge

Hello everyone,

Well it is a little while since we have had to post a medical update but we have recently discovered that Agent Barbie is suffering from bladder sludge, here is what happened.

A couple of weeks ago Mummy noticed that Barbie was limping when he ran thinking he may have just hurt his leg she gave him some anti-inflammatories for a few days and the limp went away.

Last Thursday when Mummy cleaned us out she noticed that the bedding was covered with patches of blood, straight away she thought it was a problem with Barbie's wee and she was right, she held him on a clean towel until he peed and the pee was slightly red. Mummy phoned our good vet but she only works Monday - Wednesday so instead she made an appointment at the local vet the next day to get an x-ray. When she checked Barbie on Friday his back legs and his tummy were covered in bloody urine so she cleaned him up to make him more comfortable(this is the first time he had been like that)when she checked him again before the vet visit he had cleaned himself up and looked much better.

Barbie was very good at the vet and just sat there while she poked and prodded him and then agreed to an x-ray. The x-ray showed what the vet thought was a small stone and a line of white which she wasn't sure about, as the local vet is not a guinea pig specialist mummy got some more Metacam from them for Barbie and made an appointment with out specialist vet for Wednesday.

On Wednesday our good vet explained the x-ray to Mummy she said there was no sign of stones in the bladder or anywhere else in the urinary system, however he did have a large amount of sludge which looked to be lying on the bladder base, if Barbie had been a girl she would have suggested flushing it out with a catheter however he is a boy and so that wasn't an option as we have more complicated plumbing. She also tested his urine and it showed the highest level of blood as well as elevated protein levels so she suggested the following treatment program to see if Barbie can pass the sludge himself:

0.5ml Septrin antibiotic twice a day for 4 weeks
1ml Fibreplex probiotic 3 x a day for 4 weeks
0.3ml Metacam anti-inflammatory once a day for 4 weeks
Syringe additional fluids to encourage peeing

She also gave Mummy some urine testing dipsticks and a guide to what the colours mean so that mummy can test how treatment is progressing.

When he got home Barbie passed 2 gritty blood clots which was a good thing as it meant at least some of the sludge had been removed from his bladder, we are not sure what helped these clots to pass if it was the vet massaging his bladder of the vibration of the car on the journey.

Mummy decided to keep a chart of what is happening with Barbie so she can monitor his progress and so far he is doing well as you can see below:

7th Dec Weight 952g blood at highest level, protein high
8th Dec Weight 960g no blood, protein normal
9th Dec Weight 989g

Mummy is weighing everyday but only testing the urine every other day, so far there has been no more visible blood on the bedding and Barbie is his happy little self.

Barbie was especially pleased as the vet said he was "very pretty"

The vet also confirmed that there was no sign of joint problems on the x-ray and that the limping was probably due to discomfort with the bladder.

For those of you who are interested here are Barbie's x-rays, the line of white just to the left of the back leg bones is the bladder sludge.

If any of you have experiences with this problem or any treatment suggestions that have worked for you let us know.

We will of course keep you updated with his progress.

Monday, December 5, 2016

It's Sinterklaas eve!

Today is Sinterklaas' birthday in the Netherlands! Our human likes to eat chocolate letters (or maybe characters is a better word). This is a milk chocolate hazelnut one, an M as the first letter of our slave Mieke's name. Kids will get presents from Sinterklaas this evening.

We were asked to pose with the chocolate characters and playmobil Sinterklaas and Piet as well, but we were more interested in the veg we had just gotten from dad... though Bér is taking a peep

Raani sniffed and nibbled the boxes and Piet...

And then she knocked the boxes over, and sat on them 
trying to eat the box and nibble on Piet

Ah well, slave tried to get pigtures of us....

Oh, and she was at it again decorating our cage with Christmas lights....
What do you think?

Happy sinterklaas, if you celebrate it!
the guinygirlz Tijger and Raani
And boar Bérke

Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 3rd 2016 My 4th Adoption Day

4 years ago on the 3rd of December Mummy and Daddy decided to adopt me and boy are they glad, I mean boy am I glad WOL.

This year my present is a hay treat tray, this is a cardboard tray covered with hay and filled with dried grass and flowers, after I had checked it out I was a good boy and let Agent Barbie share it with me.

After all the excitement I needed a cuddle and a nap.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday video: Piggy baby eating a carrot...

On of the piggies we follow on instagram ( has been posting baby videos of the little ones her piggy Jennifuzz has gotten about 3 weeks ago. They are so adorable... Do check out her account for more cute baby piggies and the adorable mum and auntie. Have a great Wheekend! The guinygirlz: Tijger, Raani and boar Berke

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Piggyfriends share a Piggy Jigsaw!

First thing every morning, Slave feeds us and cleans our cages. Only then does she have her own breakfast and, whilst she is eating it, she does the Magic Jigsaw on her iPad. The daily puzzle is a mystery as she does not know what the picture is going to be until she has done enough of it to recognise the image.

Imagine her delight when, as she was assembling Monday's puzzle, a little guinea pig was smiling back at her.

We are sure that Magic Puzzles will not mind her sharing this image with you all........

.......especially as they have overprinted the image with their own logo. We wonder who this piggy belongs to.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dee's girls


We are Josie and Callie.  Dee just adopted us.  We are not agents but would like to be.  Callie is very good at escaping when we have floor time.

Slave Dee

Monday, November 21, 2016

Piggyfriends review a book.

Look what Slave received for her birthday. "A Guinea Pig Oliver Twist".

We don't know if it is OK for us to reproduce photos of this book but they are not very good pictures and, as we are advertising this book to possible purchasers, we hope that the lovely people who made the book will not mind.

Slave already has the Guinea Pig Nativity and Pride and Prejudice in this series so she was delighted when our pigsitter gave her this book for her birthday.

This is the story of Oliver Twist with all the characters played by guinea pigs. It has a shiny cover and nice shiny pages so we apologise for the fact that our photos reflect the flash but it is such a lovely book that we wanted to share it with you all.

Here are the characters all dressed up with wonderful clothes made especially for the book.
Slave read the book to us and she did laugh when she saw the little vignette of the ball and chain with 4 little chains for piggy feet.
Can you see it?

In detective stories on the television, we see police tape on the floor where the victim was found. Here, there is the shape of a fat guinea pig drawn with chalk. Don't worry readers - this is only a story and nopig gets hurt. Sorry about the reflection. We had several goes at taking this photo and this was the best ( or the least worst ).

Finally, here is a scene from the book. We love the little Victorian outfits.

Everyone who loves piggies should get a friend to buy them this book for their birthday or, with Christmas coming up, what a wonderful gift to place under the tree.

We can't wait for Bloomsbury Publishing to create another Guinea Pig book.